The Creative Process



Designing Your Bespoke Piece 

With each bespoke DEAN & DUST design, inspiration is drawn from our conversation with you and translated into a customised piece, designed especially with the wearer in mind.

As designers we are drawn to timeless minimalism and creating classic silhouettes with a modern edge. We are inspired by old world elegance, intentional minimalism and romance. 


During the creative process, we focus on perfecting each detail of the design, achieving balance and creating pieces that truly showcase the stone(s).

Take Note

A few simple observations will guide us on our way to creating the ring you know they are going to love.


What type of jewellery do they wear?

Is it white metal, yellow gold or rose gold?

 Lover of diamonds? Or are gem stones?

Bit of sparkle? Or more minimalist?

Does your partner have Pinterest? If so, check it out.

Or has they dropped a few "subtle" hints and you are armed

with more details than you know what to do with?


We can guide you to the perfect piece by drawing some inspiration from our conversation and translating this into a design that is customised especially for your love. Every piece is designed and crafted especially for you, which offers the opportunity to add your own special touch in making the ring and its story one to be cherished forever.


Check out our tips on how to find the perfect fit on our ring sizer though try not to be too obvious about it! 

What's Next ...

Taking in to consideration all of your chosen design elements, we will immerce ourselves in the design process and then present you with a perfected concept to finalise (including pricing) before the crafting process begins. 


Get excited, we are about to bring your design to life...