Taking the Leap

At Dean & Dust we get a little carried away in the romance.

Here are our top five tips for taking (and landing) that next step. 

Make it Personal

However you decide to propose, make sure you do it in a way that's personal and feels authentic to the two of you. If you're not the 'hearts + flowers' type but your partner is, work toward a proposal that brings together your partner's love of romance and your love of them. It's not everyday you propose, make the moment yours. 

Set the Scene

Part of the moment is setting the scene, where do you imagine you'll begin your forever? Is there a date or place that holds meaning to you both? Will it be a destination proposal, or somewhere a little closer to home?

Do you imagine a private moment just shared between the two of you? Or are you inviting your nearest and dearest to join in the experience?

Have you considered speaking with your partner's family or perhaps best friend? Asking permission is an old standing tradition but perhaps one to be considered if your partner is a lover of a romantic gesture. If not for tradition, speaking to their trusted loved ones is a great way to involve them in the process (and the excitement) of the proposal.

Have a Plan

We understand in crafting this piece we have the privilege of being one of the few to share in your upcoming proposal. We are here for you as both hopeless romantics and proposal enthusiasts. If you're feeling overwhelmed or have no idea where to begin, let us guide you to prepare a proposal you'll be proud of, and confident to deliver.